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We are a startup founded by coffee lovers and it shows. We start out with a healthy shot of espresso every morning. We source directly from our favourite coffee beans plantation around the world. And we’re designing our own coffee machines. Starting small means we can give our clients more personal attention, first-hand expertise in machine-care and perhaps most importantly, the right price per cup! Dreaming big, we actively engage brand ambassadors and collaborate with brands which appreciate real coffee; so you’ll always find us with people and at places that are more interested in exploring tastes than pushing the bottomline. This is us believing strongly that anyone and everyone can one day brew his or her own great freshly-brewed coffee, take a sip and say Perfetto...


The process of enjoying fresh brewed coffee is easy when you engage with us


Our Coffee Barista will go to your place to conduct a coffee tasting session with up to 20 cups of free espresso, cappucinno, latte or americano. By hand on with our coffee machine that only push of a button for a freshly brewed coffee


After tried out our coffee of different beans characters, our team will then customized a coffee package proposal that suits your requirements and needs. Variety of coffee drink recipes will also be given upon confirmation


Once agreed and confirmed, our team will install a coffee machine, with customized settings that suit your taste and favour. We will also train your people, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the perfect cups of fresh brewed coffee


We will let you know the simple daily clean up. Our team will monitor your volume of bean consumptions and conduct machine maintenance and deep cleaning periodically to ensure best coffee is being served

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Our Coffee Beans

Why Choose Us

We offer freshly brewed premium coffee at very low cost per cup. With RM0 rental of coffee machines, no machine purchases required, only acquire coffee beans from us. Our machines are easy to serve with a push of a button. We can regulate coffee/milk/temperature adjustments on the machines to your personal taste or preferred flavour. Only premium coffee beans around the world are selected and we roast locally by our experienced roasters to ensure the freshness of the coffee beans. Engage with us means improved atmosphere of your office and business set ups, projects good taste and image of healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you need to keep clients patient while being waiting, a cup of fresh premium coffee helping creates conversations and interests also.

About Us

I founded Pure Caffe Tea based on the belief that anyone can brew their own great cup of coffee. Together with a few good friends, we embarked on a journey which has taken us from cafes to boutique businesses to high-profile corporate clients. Most of our businesses were won through our low cost per cup and the personal quality of our service. Almost two years on, we continue to forge strong, meaningful relationships with our suppliers and clients big and small. Our ethos is simple: Provide the best quality brewing experience at the best prices, so more people can enjoy the real deal (not the 3-in-1 instant coffees). In fact, when the time is right and the local market ready, we hope to bring the real coffee brewing experience into people’s homes and lives.




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